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Created in 1989 and used by over 90% of elementary schools, Kid Pix 3D has been an educational
standard for almost 25 years. Whether creating a digital storybook about the letter B, telling a multimedia story about a journey to the moon, or designing an animated research project on early American pioneers, Kid Pix 3D is
the digital canvas that allows students to learn as they imagine, explore, and create. As research shows,
comprehension and retention are greatly enhanced when children are fully engaged. Giving students the ability
to create using audio, video, images, animations, and a wide range of paint tools, allows them to express what
they have learned in a way that is truly unique to them. Kid Pix 3D encourages originality, inspires imaginations,
and motivates young learners.

This download is the very same product that your child is using in class. Learn more about Kid Pix...

$25 (reg. $50)
$25 (reg. $50)

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